Ben McAdams

Salt Lake County Mayor

Ben McAdams was sworn into office for his second term as Salt Lake County Mayor on January 9, 2017. Mayor McAdams pledged to work collaboratively across party lines, to expand opportunities for residents of Salt Lake County, and to operate government in a fiscally responsible manner.

During his tenure as County Mayor, he has championed education, helping the county become the first in the country to partner with the private sector to offer greater access to high-quality preschool for low-income children. He has also emphasized economic development and job growth, partnering with cities and with businesses to increase exports and boost salaries for employees. McAdams has also fostered innovation, encouraging technology solutions in government and bringing stakeholders together to make a measurable difference for social needs programs, such as homelessness prevention.

Mayor McAdams is a graduate of the University of Utah and Columbia Law School. After law school, he worked as a corporate finance attorney with firms in New York and Salt Lake City.

Ben and his wife, Julie (a fellow Columbia Law School graduate), enjoy hiking and skiing with their four children and cheering on the kids’ sports teams.

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