Changing Lives

Homelessness has many faces, many stories. It can happen to anyone, but there’s hope. Together with communities and supporters, we’re changing lives and giving people a fresh start.


Midvale Family Resource Center – June* and her children came to the Midvale Family Resource Center (MFRC) after experiencing homelessness extensively. June struggled with maintaining steady income due to depression from traumatic events in her past. She worked closely with The Road Home’s case managers at the MFRC to connect to appropriate resources. June was able to locate an affordable apartment, and now she and her family have a place to call home.


Men’s Resource Center – Marcus*, an Army veteran, came to the Men’s Resource Center (MRC) with zero income. He diligently checked in with The Road Home’s housing locator team, eagerly searching for affordable housing. Not too long after his search began, Marcus was approved for a Housing Authority property for individuals aged 55 or over. Since moving into his own place, Marcus has reconnected to family and found medical treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. He’s also seeking work with the guidance of a Social Security advocate. He calls the MRC weekly to check in with the team and is always quick to say how much he loves his new apartment.


Lives Touched in 2022

A “by the numbers” look at the people we are helping every day.

Individuals Served in Shelters
Veterans Served
Average Length of Stay in Days
Exited Shelter to Permanent Housing

Gail Miller Resource Center – Shortly after checking in to the Gail Miller Resource Center (GMRC), Oscar* and Rita* connected with one of The Road Home’s case managers for help in finding a stable home. Before this, they had been confused about the process and were considering staying in a hotel. After a productive conversation with The Road Home’s case management team at the GMRC, Oscar and Rita were able to take the steps necessary to find stable jobs, save money, and even buy items for their new home. They were so focused on getting back on their feet that they even got married during the whole process!

Geraldine E. King Resource Center – Jennifer* has experienced homelessness off and on for the last several years. Most recently, she was staying at the downtown The Road Home (TRH) Community shelter and transitioned to the Geraldine E. King Women’s Resource Center (GEK) when it first opened. Due to medical needs and her history of trauma, Jennifer had some specific housing-related needs that made her housing search more difficult to navigate. Through dedicated work with a case manager and the housing locator team with TRH, she was able to secure a housing placement that meets her needs, and she has supportive services in place to help her be successful and self-sufficient in her housing.





*All names changed to protect privacy of individuals. Photos are stock photography.

Homeless Connections Hotline – 801-990-9999

The Hotline is for individuals experiencing homelessness to be connected with emergency shelter options and other helpful community resources.