Letter from the Board President

Harris H. Simmons

Over the past few years, Utah has gained national attention for its efforts to help those who are experiencing homelessness…

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Letter from the Board President

Our Mission — A Team Effort

With the help of committed individuals like you, we can gather the resources we need to create sustainable housing solutions for those experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. This initiative is a full partnership with the community and is committed to data-driven decisions, transparency, mutual support, and accountability.

We serve this mission by:

  • Owning land and facilities in trust for the homeless, including the three new resource centers in Salt Lake County
  • Selecting and monitoring service providers in those facilities
  • Working collaboratively with a broad coalition of stakeholders
  • Staffing the Collective Impact on Homelessness Committee and supporting the Collective Impact outcomes
  • Providing greater accountability for the safety of those experiencing homelessness and for communities where services are received

History Section

Shelter the Homeless was created in 1988 to serve the public good “through the alleviation of human suffering.” To fulfill this mission, Shelter the Homeless purchased land and developed facilities where programs and services could be provided “to aid homeless individuals to become self-sufficient.” The first facility was a single community shelter located in downtown Salt Lake City, which was operated by Traveler’s Aid Society, now known as The Road Home. Over time, ownership expanded to include land and facilities in Midvale for a family shelter, as well as two housing complexes located in Salt Lake City, Palmer Court, and Wendell Apartments. Each of these facilities operates for the purpose of helping individuals in housing crises achieve housing stability.

As Shelter the Homeless continues to evolve to serve the community, we have identified the need to provide greater accountability for the good of individuals experiencing homelessness and for the communities in which services are received. As part of a broad community coalition, Shelter the Homeless is working toward achieving better outcomes for individuals in crisis and for the community as a whole. We are committed to doing so with transparency, mutual support, and accountability.