Frequently Asked Questions

A little change makes a big difference. We are committed to transparency and accountability when it comes to using donations for the good of the community. To learn more, see below.

Who Benefits From My Donation?

Home4Change is an initiative to promote the generous dollar-for-dollar match by the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation. The campaign is in behalf of Shelter the Homeless, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to help those experiencing homelessness in the Salt Lake Valley area. Shelter the Homeless works toward the goal of minimizing homelessness by making data-driven decisions, collaborating with community stakeholders, and ensuring accountability.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Utah’s goals for minimizing homelessness are to reduce the average length of stay in emergency shelter, increase successful transitions into housing, and reduce the number of people who return to homelessness at some point in the future (recidivism).

Shelter the Homeless is developing three new Homeless Resource Centers: two in Salt Lake City and one in South Salt Lake. These Resource Centers are part of a broader change to how the homeless response system helps individuals and families.

The goal is to provide stabilizing supportive services that will help those experiencing homelessness resolve their housing crisis and get into stable housing as quickly as possible. Each Resource Center will have 200-300 beds for overnight stays, on-site emergency services, and perhaps most importantly, services that include case management, employment services, meals, storage, housing navigation, mobile health clinics, an on-site nurse manager, and connections to long-term community support.

This model was developed by a number of key stakeholders, including government agencies, various philanthropies, and experienced homeless service providers.

Where Will My Donation Go?

People in Need
Utah has done a lot to help the homeless population in recent years, but there is still work to do. Even as efforts and funding have increased, demand for emergency shelter and services for the homeless is at an unprecedented level.

A Community Effort
Community leaders, along with public and private organizations, have united to create solutions that will relieve the strain placed on neighborhoods, law enforcement, facilities, and service providers and that will benefit the entire community.

An Act of Incredible Generosity
As part of this process, Gail Miller, Owner and Chairman of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, announced a $10 million dollar-for-dollar match challenge grant specifically aimed at helping the homeless population of Salt Lake County. Your donation—no matter how big or small—matched by the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation can do so much to help those who truly need a hand to lift them up.

Homeless Connections Hotline – 801-990-9999

The Hotline is for individuals experiencing homelessness to be connected with emergency shelter options and other helpful community resources.