Change Starts With Us:

Making a Difference for the Homeless

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Thousands of people have already donated, but we’re still short of our $10 million goal, so every donation matters—no matter how small. Thanks to the Miller family, every dollar becomes two dollars, meaning our capacity to help is greatly increased.

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Gail Miller

“We can’t afford to turn our back on the homeless and those who are less fortunate…”

— Gail Miller
Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, Owner and Chairman

Give now to help make a change.

The $10 million challenge grant is not a single donation—it’s something even better. For every dollar that people donate to the campaign, the grant will match it, up to $10 million. In other words, if the campaign meets the $10 million donation goal, a total of $20 million will go to better the lives of homeless people in Utah.

If you wish to donate with a check, please write the check to ‘Shelter the Homeless’ and send to:

Shelter the Homeless
310 S. Main Street, Suite M2
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101